Brodie’s 1st year and our big MOVE!!

Sorry I have been away from my blog for so long! A lot has changed in the last few months.. we moved..Brodie turned one.. we are selling our home and are just in a different place in our lives!

The best thing out of all of it is spending a year with Brodie! He has grown so much and done some amazing things including talking, crawling and just about walking, as well as eating like a king! Even just his facial features, hair and chub has changed… He’s going blondier, losing his chub 😩 and i feel like his eyes are getting bluier!

More about our move .. We have moved to a country beach town ( its a real thing, abit of country surround by beach and river) and im loving it. We have been spending most of our time at the beach when the weather is right and having lots of mummy and brodie time while daddy is work! I do miss my family a whole lot as I don’t have any family down here but they are only a drive away so when I miss them loads I can go back and see them which is a bonus!

We have been loving our new life down here and exploring every weekend including 4wding and finding new beaches. I do feel a little lost with my purpose in life ( other than being a mum, I love being a mummy) as i am unsure on what i want to do in life! But i will chat about that in a different blog as i am going of topic ! This is just a short one just to say hi and I’m back and can’t wait to write more and share with you all!

I hope you guys join me on my writing journey and keep reading ( they will be a lot better than this, this is just my startup !!)


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