5 tips that helped me on my breastfeeding journey !

Breastfeeding was one of those things that I was super scared of when I started. Leading up to giving birth I told my partner to get formula just incase it didn’t work, he didn’t gain weight or if I just found it too hard. I thought I would have given up straight away! I remember one night I was feeding 6 hours straight, swapping from side to side, crying , eating and crying some more .. saying to my partner I don’t know if I can do this I don’t think he is gaining weight , but he always was. I was one of the lucky ones, one that had no real problems with breastfeeding and sometimes it made me sad to think about all the people that struggled so badly with it! My 5 tips start right here so keep reading to see what helped me!!!

Tip 1 : Use your healthcare nurse!

I always freaked out thinking that Brodie wasn’t gaining weight. In hospital he did have to have a little formula one night in the nursery so I thought I would have to go straight to formula but Brodie loved breastfeeding way to much! My health care nurse helped me with holds to make it easier ( my favourite was just your normal hold or the football hold which is there body facing toward your back ( I will attach a photo at the end of what I mean )! I also had a couple visits at my house which made me feel comfortable that they could come to me but after that I was also able to go to the child health care clinic where I could weigh Brodie every week.. I no you probably aly think I’m crazy for weighing him every week but it made me keep going because I knew he was gaining weight every week. Don’t feel embrassed asking them heaps of questions being over the top because it’s really what they are there!

Tip 2 : Get the latch right .. and make sure you get help early

The latch is such a big part in the breast feeding journey and can be harder for some more than others! Brodie latched on fine from the start but I know other people that had to use nipple shields aswell as people not being able to breastfeed due to the latch. It’s no ones fault if you can’t breastfeed let me tell you it’s one of the hardest things I’ve done mentally and physically! If you are feeling like the latch isn’t right make sure you talk to your health care nurse or seek a lactation consultant! I had a good friend aswell that was always right there to help me if I had a silly question to ask so make sure you have good and positive people around too! And a heads up, your nipples are going to hurt! This does not mean there is a bad latch! The goal with the latch is to get the baby sucking /latching over the nipple and Areola, not just the nipple. That’s when it will make it more painful. Make sure you get your health nurse/lactation consultant to check your latch and if the baby has any ties as they are two big complications you’ll have in breastfeeding. Remeber it will hurt Alittle anyways so my recommendation is lanlion as it deffitnly helped the pain for me!

Tip 3: Did you snacks?.. and don’t forget water!

While breastfeeding one of my biggest tips is to have food in arms length as you get so hungry while feeding and sometimes are stuck there for so long so weather it’s a biscuit, sandwich or muesli bar have it super close. Anouther thing that is super important is water. LOTS AND LOTS of water. Water is good for your body but also good breast feeding! It helps you stay hydrated and helps your supply build!

Tip 4 : Demand feed .. it’s okay

People get very confused about demand feeding. Not knowing weather it’s normal for your baby to just suck and suck and suck ! But it is , it’s very normal. Demand feeding is due to baby telling your body it wants / needs more milk. Your body regulates to what your baby needs, so if your baby sleeps through the night then your body / milk will regulate to have more milk during the day to feed your baby! Demand feeding is really hard because it can happen at anytime of the day and for however long your baby feeels is necessary and will get to the point where your breast are as flat as pancakes but know that there is still milk in there and Bub is just feeding to tell your body you want more!!

Tip 5 :mmm.. maltesers

Omg maltesers I felt were my life savers .. I can’t say if they actually helped my supply but I really felt they did for me! They were yummy aswell as I would get such a huge supply after I ate them. Other awesome foods and drinks that helped were milo, oats and powerade( I know random right!) I found that when I was feeling down or feeling like I had no supply left I would have one of these items and I would feel up by the end of the day or the next morning!

I hope this blog helps someone .. I know my blogs are still abit all over the place but I feel like I’m getting alittle better as each one goes by.

***have a pillow when doing the football hold ( located below) ***


8 thoughts on “5 tips that helped me on my breastfeeding journey !

  1. It’s great to share these tips with others who may be struggling. Despite a lactation consultant and help, I wasn’t so lucky and could never get it right, even after three babies. I love hearing the experiences of others who have had positive breastfeeding journeys x

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    • I get scared of sharing it because I did have it easy .. but it’s not to rub in people’s faces it more to show what things helped me and hopefully it will help someone else ! Thankyou so much for commenting 🙂


  2. I absolutely agree re, the water – never before or since have I drunk so much! And breastfeeding is wonderful when it works (which it did, pretty well, for me – one of the fortunate ones). It makes you realise how amazing your body can be – especially the alignment between the breast milk (volume, consistency, watery on hot days, thicker on colder days, etc, etc) and the baby’s needs. At the same time, we are so lucky that the alternative is very good too when it doesn’t work. Thanks so much for sharing!

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