The struggle is real

Does anyone just feel lost ! I feel lost a lot of the time ! Some days I feel like I’m falling apart . Like I can’t get my head on straight .. that the only thing that I am actually confident and happy with is having my son but everything else in life just seems so hard ! I feel like it always comes down to money ( or for me money and looking for a career ) it’s sad to feel like we are always struggling .. even when I no we aren’t struggling to bad just abit .. it feels like the end of the world. Sometimes the thought comes into my head , do I have postnatal depressionfeeling this down ? But how could I when the only thing that does make me happy is my baby . I feel then the stresses of money then puts a strain on everything else , from marriage to just everyday life . One other thing that I have been struggling with ( which then leads back to money because I want it fixed ) is my self image. I hate how I look , hate my body , teeth , hair .All things I would want to get fixed / changed if I could . To make that confidence come through and to make me feel beautiful. But I can’t because all our money goes on morgatage , bill and groceries ( and so much money goes on all these ) ! Adult life right .. I wish I could spend money on myself but every time I do have money I love getting Brodie things Cause he is my number 1 priority . I look up to so many people and when I can’t get my life like them I get down and feel like I’m getting no where in life !
Before you think this rant is just poor me ( even tho I’ve enjoyed getting a lot of worries of my chest ) here is where a I have to change my mindset
I need to tell my self I should change my future self .. so these are the things I will say to myself

Stop comparing yourself . Stop telling yourself that your not good enough . Stop letting anxiety walk all over you so that you feel afraid of life. Stop the sadness and self doubt.
YOU are as good as everyone else
YOU are good enough
YOU can beat anxiety
YOU can be happy and healthy

These a just a few things I would say to myself in the future . I feel like for ladies ( mother’s or not ) self confidence and anxiety are the two biggest factors that are making us feel shit about ourselves. If I keep all these feelings in my mind I will be okay! Anyone feeling down . Know your not alone, and know if doesn’t last one, one day could feel the worst and the next might feel the best !


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