‘You didnt try hard enough’

‘You didnt try hard enough’

It’s funny how some people still think this.

That a c section isn’t a real birth .. that we didn’t try hard enough and that we got the easy way out! Well let me tell you , is it easy to have a dream to go natural and have to get cut open instead ? Having major surgery ..Feeling like you are being stomped on and not being able to hold your baby straight away. Sounds like a dream doesn’t it?

I pushed for an hour and then finally got told. Brodie was the wrong way around. They tried to twist him around but he wasn’t budging. They preped me for surgery saying that they would try forceps first but once I got down there they said they had to get him out extremely quick as he’s heart rate was going down. In theatre all I remeber is flickering lights , lots of people rushing around and lots of whispering .. and then “he’s here” Those words were the best words I could hear at that time!

We didn’t push them out the same but instead we had to be cut open !

Things we may have had in common to natural pushing women , we had to have stitches , we couldn’t walk around straight away , we were sore and tired!

But of course the easy part for us was post partum wasn’t it ? We couldn’t drive for 6 weeks .. couldnt pick up anything heavier then our baby for atleast 4 .. sneezing , coughing or even laughing was super hard and we struggled to get out of bed let alone getting take the washing of the line !

Such a delight ! For all us Mummy’s that had a c section . Please when talking to someone that had a c-section, don’t think we got the easy way out ! A birth is a birth and no matter what way your baby comes in to this world it has its happiness and struggles !

Some of us ( including me ) feel we did miss out by not having a natural birth , espically not getting to have skin to skin until the next day with Brodie.

( Definitely being sarcastic in most of this post, but serious in other bits .. I think you’ll know which bits are which)

But in all seriousness having my baby was the most hardest , rewarding day of my life ! Things didn’t turn out like I thought but my baby is healthy and I’m still here so that is all that matters !!

I am proud to have my scar .. and every time I look at it , makes me think all that I went through and how strong I am.. in other words I’m a bad ass bitch !

Doctors are only looking after to you and usually only make you have one if there is harm to you or your baby. It’s a scary situation when it happens but once your baby is here happy and healthy it’s all worth it! In saying that all Mummy’s a strong no matter how you have your baby !!

Lots of love xx


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