8 things I wish I knew about/ did during pregnancy!


img_4229Lack of sleep

Everyone always thinks the lack of sleep comes once the baby is here. Well let me tell you it starts way before that. Granted , it does get worse once the baby is here but I had a shocking time getting sleep while pregnant. So many factors came in to why lack of sleep already started for me so early. My scitiac nerve made me always have a pain down my side . And you couldn’t sleep on your back or tummy which made it worse ( invest in a body pillow, they are so worth it!) If it wasn’t the pain it was the needing to pee … which is my next point …

Needing to go all the time!

For me, needing to go started early, but I think that also had to do with drinking a lot more water ( I was always bad at drinking water before I got pregnant). Some people say the amount of times you need to go in the last month of your pregnancy shows how many times your baby wakes ( not true because my Bub wakes way more then that )It did get annoying, especially going on a car ride and getting my hubby to pull over to a shopping centre just to wee , but hay that’s the wonders of pregnancy.

Healthy or unhealthy, that’s the question?!

For me food was a whirlwind in my pregancy. As soon as I found out I was pregnant I stopped having a coke a cola a day ( haven’t had one since ) as well as stopping all the junk food . For the the first 15 weeks or so I at so healthy I surprised myself ! As my pregancy went on I started to snack on more unhealthy snacks but always made sure I was eating healthy to ! Everything in moderation is always fine so don’t beat yourself up about all the yummy snacks!!

Emotional rollercoaster

Your life will feel like an emotional rollercoaster when you get pregnant ! First when you find out your nervous and excited , then when you see that 12 week scan you are filled with happiness. Around 20/30 week mark your in the ‘meh’ stage.. just going one day at a time. Then you go thru a nervous/ sad/anxiety time where you dont know if you will be a good mum or will do everything right! Then once you hit 38weeeks (or usually before ) you go thru the ‘get this baby out of me’ stage .. and once bub is here you feel love like you have never felt before!!

Save the money and stop buying !!

My biggest tip that I wish I knew was to wait till bub is here to buy things ! Obviously get your cot , changer table , drawers etc … but all the little things just wait ! I got so many items , and when I say so many I mean heaps! And half the stuff we didn’t use for many reasons . Either he grew out of it to fast or just didn’t use it! You don’t know what bottles or dummies your baby is going to like , or how long your baby are going to be in clothing so if you are going to go and buy things .. moderation is key ! You may feel prepared but your always going to Alittle unprepared when the time comes no matter how many items you have !

Put the phone down !!

Another big thing I wish I stoped doing was gooogling everything ! I had alittle pain and I would think something was wrong … which led me to googling .. which led me to seeing the worst case scenario! I know it’s hard to do , and I can’t say I would be able to fully stop my next pregancy but make sure if you feel something is wrong or you are worried call your midwife/birthing suite and they will let you know what to do ! They always have time for you!

Be active

One thing I didn’t do enough of .. and will do more if my next pregancy is be more active. You sometimes will use the excuse “ I’m pregant I don’t need to excersise” … but excersising during pregancy is actually so good for the body and even better for recovery!

Take time for yourself and for your partner !

Make sure you put time aside for you and your partner. Once bub come, they do take up all your time and must of the time the men feel left out! So make sure you have little dates ( especially go to the movies because it’s a lot harder to do with baby) and enjoy each other company . A lot of times when baby comes there are stressful times between you and your partner so make sure you remeber the happy moments during those times.

Hope you liked this tips and info that I have shared with you all ! Share with me your most best and worst parts of pregnancy for you in the comments!!

Lots of love xx


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